Hunger Of The Pine Pre-order - Package 3

Hunger Of The Pine Pre-order - Package 3

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100% of profits go towards assisting Homeless Youth in the USA!

 Orders will ship in mid-October 2020. (Digital content available immediately)

Package 1: Receive (1) Paperback copy of Hunger of the Pine with free shipping* + Free Pack of 5 Guided Meditations by Teal Swan (value $42, only $16.95!)

Package 2: Receive (2) Paperback copies of Hunger of the Pine with free shipping* + Free Pack of 15 Guided Meditations by Teal Swan + The Connection Process Audiobook (value $118, only $39.95!)

Package 3: Receive (5) Paperback copies of Hunger of the Pine with free shipping* + Teal's Self Love E-Course (value $285, only $99.95!)

With each package, check your email for the downloads that come with them, including a file on how to access digital content, as well as how to join the Hunger of the Pine online community where Teal will be reading from the book Live!

*free shipping valid within the USA; rates kept as low as possible internationally.

The first novel by international best-selling author Teal Swan, Hunger of the Pine is a compelling exploration of one young woman's struggle with homelessness.

Aria Abbott has never had a home. Drifting through the foster system for most of her life, she finally finds herself in a situation so unbearable that she has no choice but to run away. Sleeping on the streets pushes Aria beyond any suffering she has felt before; the only thing worse than seeing no escape is the knowledge that no one in the world cares enough to try and find her.

Enter Taylor, a homeless young man with a charismatic smile and a dream of fame, fortune, and the sunshine of LA. Swept up in his energy, Aria and Taylor board a greyhound bus and never look back.

In this bright new world, Aria will discover a whole community of people living in the shadows, in the margins of society. As Taylor follows his dreams, Aria follows her heart. But she will discover that it isn't always clear who you can trust, that strangers can be kind, or treacherous, or sometimes as familiar as your own reflection, if you're willing to look hard enough.

Number of Pages: 368

Genre: Fiction + Literature Genres

Sub-Genre: Visionary & Metaphysical

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Watkins Publishing

Age Range: Adult

Author: Teal Swan

Language: English

*Meditations Included with Package 1: (Healthy Boundaries, Forgiveness Meditation, Calming Your Fear Meditation, Dissolving Stuckness Meditation, Spirit Animal Meditation)

*Meditations Included with Package 2: (Connection Process audiobook, Dissolving Stuckness Meditation, Calming Your Fear Meditation, Discover Your Self Concept Meditation, Attracting Your Soul Mate Meditation, Give It Back Meditation, Light Healing Meditation, Tree Meditation, Stress Relief Meditation, Feel Good Meditation, Forgiveness Meditation, Financial Abundance Meditation, Healthy Boundaries Meditation, Spirit Guide Meditation, Spirit Animal Meditation, Openness Meditation)